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Old 5th September 2008
Studio Politics & Thoughts & Prices

Hi Dave! Thanks for enlightening us another time, highly appreciated!!!

I have some questions abot the "other stuff" than mixing techniques. First up are politics:

1) How do you react when people want changes? How many changes will you do for them without charging them extra? Especially interested in those requests that are totally unnecessary but the client wants to hear it because they know it is possible.

2) Did people request more changes when you were less famous?

3) You do not have to answer this one, but if it is ok with you I would really love to know what the rate is for mixing one song in your league. How much do you charge for a major label mix, an indie mix etc...fell free not to answer this as it is pretty personal business stuff!

4) How did you become a "go-to" guy for the top acts? I know it takes more than skills alone. Establishing a good relationship with the decision makers at the labels might be as important as skills. Am I on the right track with this?

Thanks a lot & all the best! You ROCK!