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Thanks for the advice, Roc!
I'll look into some of those... though, the prices of a few of them scare me currently heh.

Oh, and as for the Royer suggestion, why do you suggest the sf series, and not the r series..?
Both series are figure of eight, no?
Yea, all the Royers are figure-of-eight. I think the SF-1/SF-12 have the most original, and beautiful response throughout the midrange. If you want a more modern, hard driving workhorse of a microphone with full on ribbon flavor, the R series is where its at!

I'm thinking if anything you should check out the Royer 121, 122 camp, depending on what your needs are, for your applications and your room. But based on your post, and your current microphone collection, you could stand a wonderful omni. However, a Ribbon like these would enhance every GTR tone/percussion track you lay out, certainly do duties for horns, wind anything, drum room, drum OH.....BASS!!!! You'll use it for anything you need more velvet and mid range love on! All of these options work really well with your preamps.

I would probably also recommend checking out the Naked Eye Roswellite, next to the Royer 121 to see which texture is more pleasing, and favorable towards your aesthetic and music, as well as how it lays into the context of what your doing.