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Last year I bought a BIG PT III Setup for ca. 5000$ - it's a MAC 7100 with G3 Update, an Expansion chassis loaded with 2 Disk I/Os, 5 DSP Farms, a seperate tower with 5 x 9 Gig Drives, all the Plug Ins I ever wanted and more (Waves Gold,MCDSP, TC... and all the ****..), an 888, and 882 and an SSD for sync. The only restriction is it is only recording in 16 Bit but in the future I might get an RME (with dither) so upgrading converters is not an issue as well. Man I am damn happy I bought this - for now it sounds way better than my ADAT and Fostex setups I had before + I could invest the leftover money that I initially wanted to put into an Mix system in Microphones, new instruments and a couple of outboard gear. The system does what I need and more and I see myself using this for quite some time. I love the second hand market really. So far everything I bought off ebay was a real winner!!