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War, if you don't mind my putting it to you: if I were going to spend $3k, would you in all honesty recommend the Adam P33A over the Focal Twins? As a dealer, you have something to lose by answering me too honestly, but nonetheless... ;-)
I don't use or sell Focal, doesn't mean they're inferior, it means I never bothered to get them in here and check them out. I'm sure they're fine speakers, likely worth it for you to check them out if you can. I made a light inquiry when they first became all the rage on forums, and they were backordered and not willing to jump on sending a pair out for demo at the time so my interest just didn't stick (got busy and forgot about them really). Like most things, a lot of the forum chat has calmed down about them at this point so maybe it'd be easier for me to get their attention next time I think about Focal.

It's not easy carrying tons and tons of monitor lines: they're bulky and expensive to ship here and there. It's easier to keep up with microphones by comparison!

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I'm in LA and would love to find a place to hear all these monitors in one room. Ideally, my room! But, I'd go somewhere else for at least a first listen.