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Thanks for those very useful replies, folks! So, I'm getting that Adam A7s are not going to sound as good as the Focals, BUT that their mixes will translate well. I think that the appeal of the Adams would be price. If price were no issue, I'd just leap for the Focals. And I just might, being a gear slut.

Interesting, too, that the Dynaudios just don't seem to rank here...

I have learned the Mackies at this point and I think that you kinda have to learn any monitor and how it sits in your room, no matter how good the monitor is. But hearing things clearly, rather than sitting there doubting whether what you're hearing is what is there is the goal (i.e. saving time on mix decisions!).

Taylor, I hear you on the comparison, and I think that makes sense.

War, if you don't mind my putting it to you: if I were going to spend $3k, would you in all honesty recommend the Adam P33A over the Focal Twins? As a dealer, you have something to lose by answering me too honestly, but nonetheless... ;-)

Trot, what was it about your room that made you go with the A7s? Similar situation to mine? Also, how or where did you compare all three?

I'm in LA and would love to find a place to hear all these monitors in one room. Ideally, my room! But, I'd go somewhere else for at least a first listen.

RCM, I guess I'm biased against Events simply because they're so mainstream. Sounds silly, but as I've gone farther from the mainstream with my set up, getting boutique stuff, etc., I've found it's paid off. That said, I know a lot of folks using Events, Tannoys and Mackies and doing great mixes on them.