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C617's just about make me sh#t my pants on any source. Get them, [or just one] you'll love them. There is also the Gefell M296's, which are a favorite of mine for anything. They are the only microphones currently available with a nickel diaphragm. The texture is incredibly musical and deep. I have a client using three with a Decca tree, who calls me just about every day to say how cool they sound in his room.

I would also check out a ribbon, like the Royer SF-1, or the SF-12 [might be way out of your price range] or perhaps even the Crowley & Tripp Mercenary Edition EL Diablo if you hate your D112. [again way out of your price range] I suspect after hearing what the EL Diablo does, you'll throw the D112 at the wall, or just use it for bass cabs.