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Old 4th September 2008
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Any advice on which mic/mics to get next?

I have this in my mic locker:
2 x ksm32
C414b XL-II
2 x km184
d112 (yuck)
EV nd868
4 x sm57
3 x sennheiser e604
4 various cheap AT drum mics (2 snare/Tom, 2 Kick/tom)

I have some decent pre's (2 x 3124+, 3 x RNP's, and a GR mp-2NV- with plans to get another GR later this year)
I am thinking of getting a pair of Beyer MC930's after reading how nice they are for the price... but I realize that I don't really have any omni's, so that's a consideration.
I mainly record jazz, rock, funk and groove based music, but just worked on a mariachi project earlier this summer..
My budget is around up to $1500

Any suggestions on what I could use-- and do you think the MC930's aren't a decent choice..? I've also thought of a Pearlman TM-2.. or maybe even a Josephson c617-set- but that's stretching my budget a bit (it'd be nice to have a nice quality omni though)....

Thanks for any feedback! Always appreciated.