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Old 4th September 2008
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I was in the same situation with the exact models you described (A7's and the Focals). I was able to A/B/C these models plus the DyneAudio's.

I spent about 1 hour switching back and forth between all 3 models.
The A7's are good. The Focals had a very good, hi-end sound to them, which I liked. I couldn't justify spending double the money on the Focals, based on several facts. One, my room. Two, the actual sound. I chose the A7's because they just 'matched' the stuff I'm doing better. ( I brought a CD of my mixes to test the monitors).

In the end you have to use your ears to decide. If you have deep enough pockets and can justify the expense, then do it but the A7's are good monitors and I'm happy with my decision.