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Old 2nd September 2008
Vocal Distortion On Leona Lewis Best You Never Had

Hi Dave,

Fist off, I want to thank you for the posts you made here before, reading them changed the way I mixed, and also the way i thought about mixing. I joined this site (then lost all my log in details) shortly after your last Q+A and was pissed that I had missed the opitunity to pick your brains!

I have about a thousand questions in my head, but I will try to eek them out over the month. This is my first post under a new name, so I thought I would start with something controversial... haha

So I got Leona Lewis' album when it came out (don't hate on me but I love her voice) I was listening along in the car and "The Best You Never Had" came on, I was thinking the bass mix in the intro was sick, although I wasn't a fan of the producers choice of clap I was nodding my head! I was thinking the mix reminded me of your work, so there I was wondering who had mixed it, and before I could stop to check the credits it came to the chorus, and there it kinda all went wrong for me.
It sounds to me like she was hitting some serious limiting on the more powerful phrases, with a fair amount of harmonic distortion happening.
When I got to check the credits I was supprised to see you had mixed this, and also to see Jaycen's name there (lot's of questions about how all that came about, and on working in partnership to follow) So I was wondering if the vocal came to you like this, or it was a choice you made for the vocal. I noticed that it was happening on the adlibs also causing a slight squash overall. So was wondering if maybe this happened in mastering.

A little sub question about that, do you always listen to a mix after the mastering stage to see how it turned out?

Ok so not trying to hate, and no I don't wanna take this outside! haha
One man's smoke is another man's toke and maybe it is exactly how you wanted it to be.

Right, I have questions for days, but I will hold back for the moment!

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