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Sure you're not thinking about 888s?

I bought an 882/20 (I've since seen the light and sold it..) for £350 a couple of months back.

I bought my Mix Plus (Cards only) for $5500 at the start of the year, right now I reckon I'd be lucky if I got $4k for them... Such is life..

I have it on pretty reasonable authority (from inside Digi) that Mix Plus "WILL ABSOLUTELY BE SUPPORTED UNDER OSX" all I can sayu is that I F)(*ng hope so! I only just sold up my Nubus PTIII rig to move to Mix. HD looks oh so very nice, but the amount of money I am making from my rig is not enough to justify the upgrade (I don't qualify for the cheap upgrade price).


UK PT prices are hideously inflated. Read punds for dollars, then add 17.5% VAT. Total rip off. I always buy my PT gear from the US. Works out much cheaper, and the registrations do transfer..