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Old 1st September 2008
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Rule of Thirds

Hi Dave,

I really enjoyed your Waves interview. You gave a lot of things to think about without actually spoon-feeding. One of those things was the concept of "Rule of 3rds". At first I was thinking of the 3 divided sections, which didn't really resonate with me. Then I thought again about the eye being drawn to object that occur 2/3's up from the bottom of the picture it started to make more sense to me. So for me it really made most sense to me definitely as "The Rule of Thirds", not "The Rule of Three".

If you split the audio spectrum into 3rds, there's exciting stuff that happens at the 2 lines (1/3 up and 1/3 down). I've been looking at it like every sound has 2 exciting zones, with everything else being connective tissue. The top line (where the eyes would be) is also what your ear naturally gravitates towards, like all the 8k in-your-face sound, and the bottom line is supporting that top, like the solid 100hz stuff.

Not that I'm always boosting those particular frequencies, or anything, but if I do push up an upper element, or upper-mid element or freq, then I've found that if I also give it a low/ low-mid boost, it helps to keep everything in focus... so to speak.

If you'd like to elaborate on your take on "The Rule of Thirds", I'm sure everyone would like to hear.