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If you like the piano sound of BVSC, check out Rubén González' 1st solo album ("Introducing") recorded at the same time as and BVSC and Afro-Cuban All Stars 1st CD - it is even better sounding than BVSC. Same musicians (not all of them though), same studio & engineer.

Ibrahim Ferrer's (Ry Cooder produced) solo album is also very good sounding, as is Omara Portuondo's.

For a more modern approach with a similar sonic texture, check out Afro-Cuban All Stars (2 great CD's) and upright bass player Orlando Cahaito Lopez' solo CD "Cahcaito".

All above Cuban CD's are released on World Circuit, recorded & mixed by Jerry Boys.


Jerry Boys did a fantastic recording of Ali Farka Toure, "Niafunké", in a small farming town. There was a very intresting article in MIX about this remote project.

I guess Jerry Boys is doing a lot of works for World Circuit.