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Originally posted by thethrillfactor
the comment someone made calling Cuban recording studios pre-comm or comm. Its has to be lesser just because its on an island that people don't know much about?

There is great music being produced around the world that isn't necessarily made in English or US studios.
That was me and I don't know where you got the 'lesser' from, or any inference of lack of quality outside of the US and Europe.
Jonathan commented he loved the piano sound. I surmised that the studio might have been chock full of old gems (in recording terms) in the same way there are so many stunning 50's cars on the street.
I've since been informed that Cuban studios are very much up to date, but in my opinion there is a lot to be said for older equipment and the older ethic of recording as an art form rather than the 'up to date' Auto Tune and Sound Replacer approach.