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Re: Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars

Originally posted by Bernd G
Nothing wrong with having some pre-communist German microphones...
Is that the same studio in which the Afro-Cuban All Stars were recorded? I agree, the sound on the album is fantastic - very natural with dynamics and a wonderful combination of ambience and intimacy. Having great musicians to record has a lot to do with it, I presume...
Why do you say pre-communist?

If you know anything about Cuba or have ever been there, than you would know that it has never been a Communist goverment(there has never been a Communist goverment period).

It has always been and continues to be a dictatorship, albeit a modern one. Sure if you listen to Castro(and he is looked up to by leaders around the world because he stood up to the United States and didn't back down) you'd think that Cuba is fine and dandy. No Aids cases, alot of the doctors and surgeons around the world go there to study medicine, everyone they choose can got ot college for free, but the people still can't vote, they can't follow a religion, they can only make so much money, they can't leave the island except on a boat, etc...

This sounds like a Dictatorship to me.grudge