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Originally posted by chrisso
The guy that recorded it was Jerry Boys. He used to run a B level studio in London called Livingstone.
Maybe Al knows him and can ask him what he used.
It was probably some pre-communism recording gear, 50's American, like the cars down there.

It was recorded at EGREM studios formerly Panart.

Egrem is a special studio because it is run by the state. It is compromised of 3 different studios: Areito,Siboney and Estudio de 18. Because it is run by the state, the studio is ran in three different shifts(I know wow...shifts!!!). You can't just call up and book time there.

EGREM itself(Label and Studios) is equivalent to Capital here in the states.

Some of the greatest musicians have recorded there(and continue to do so). It is far from a "old pre comm studio". I've worked with lots of guys that have recorded there(here in NYC and Miami). Estudio de 18 is a world class recording studio. Sure I've heard from some guys that they can use more mics, but who can't?