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Old 14th February 2003
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Buena Vista Social Club piano sound

Last week a big client took up residence in the little Studio C at Chalice for a year. He wanted all the gear moved out, so I have at home, on a long loan, some B&W nautilus 801s and some aragon paladium mono blocks, really nice stuff. I t took me quite some time to set them up where I liked them, at first they were a bit analytical and cold, but now I have found the magic positions where they sound ****ing great . I am listening to everything in my CD collection. Now I am typically a rock guy but I am in love with the piano sound on this Buena Vista social club record. It is the most natural sounding piano, a little out of tune but glorious none the less. Anybody here have any ideas of how that was done, if you have the record take a listen. I t might just be room mics and no close ups. I dunno but I dig it, do you?