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Old 14th February 2003
Here's how I used mine yesterday on a "guitar overdub day"

I set up the bands Marshall head in the CR with their cab in the live room
I put up 121, SM 57 & D112 mic's on it.

I also set up my Engle head in the CR with the Engle cab out in the live area with a 441 mic on it.

NOTE: Last weekend when tracking the drums we took Di feeds of all gtrs, we used AmpFarm to simulate real amps just for a guide.. (presently I dont have space to record a kit AND back line at the same time)

So to test the new set up and get a rough sound up, instead of asking the guy to play over & over, I simply fed the guide DI out to the PCP, & sent that to the 2 amps (third feed to the tuner), this allowed us to get a rough sound with out him playing over & over (later I realized the musician had a very low "practice level" & really NEEDED to play it over & over).

While running the song and tweaking the amps and mic pre amps and adjusting the blend, I realized that there were phase issues between the 4 mic's.... So I thought to instance the "Signal Generator" plug in within PT and send white noise down the DI track, then grabbing some some headphones I went into the live area and plugged into the wall to listen to my monitor mix, featuring a track in 'record input' of all the mic's blended together...

Slowly moving the mic's I was able to reduce the out of phase sound until they all 'hissed' together nicely.

Back in the CR I then found that the various 4 mic's had very little 'subtractive' phase effect between em when combined. - Good!

I heard about this 'white noise mic set up' trick from an assistant describing how a producer engineer set up multi micing a SVT bass stack a few years ago.