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Originally Posted by grenham
Hello, after getting a DPS-V77, I was able to find an R7 yesterday, so now I can make use of the remote that I have.
After powering up I'm greeted with System/Midi Reset and Software version 1.10, going on to tell me "battery voltage low".
I find later that the battery is 0.1v, and not knowing what it should be, suspect it should be changed sooner than later. I also discover there are no user memories whatsoever ! Now, whether this is because the previous owners didn't bother to store any or what, I don't know. But, I would have thought they would have been factory filled at least.
Aha ! but the battery level has probably wiped them, as a test save is not stored.

Of course, not coming with a manual doesn't help.
Anyone have a pdf ?

If anyone wants to post factory user or user programmes, they'd be welcome
Also, what the last software rev was.

Finally, has anyone with the V77 compared them together ?


If your battery is low, you won't be able to save any user presets. If you replace the battery you should be good, but be advised that the battery is soldered onto the PCB, so you'll have a little work to do.

I have the manual, but not as a PDF. It wouldn't be much use to you anyway, since it doesn't include a list of the factory presets.