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Old 8th May 2005
Here for the gear

Sony DPS-R7 info

Hello, after getting a DPS-V77, I was able to find an R7 yesterday, so now I can make use of the remote that I have.
After powering up I'm greeted with System/Midi Reset and Software version 1.10, going on to tell me "battery voltage low".
I find later that the battery is 0.1v, and not knowing what it should be, suspect it should be changed sooner than later. I also discover there are no user memories whatsoever ! Now, whether this is because the previous owners didn't bother to store any or what, I don't know. But, I would have thought they would have been factory filled at least.
Aha ! but the battery level has probably wiped them, as a test save is not stored.

Of course, not coming with a manual doesn't help.
Anyone have a pdf ?

If anyone wants to post factory user or user programmes, they'd be welcome
Also, what the last software rev was.

Finally, has anyone with the V77 compared them together ?