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Originally Posted by wwittman
I highly doubt you're an idiot.

I quite usually run a lot of the faders all the way up and just use the trims... I did this on an API doing guitar overdubs last week.
And on a Neve desk with all 1073's a few weeks ago.

Sometimes I need to put the pads on, on the API, but that would be the case anyway on those channels.
You cannot do it on a snare track or bass drum, usually, but most things work.

but you don't NEED to do that... the real point is that sometimes I run the preamp a bit lower than 'as loud as possible'
thanks for the quick response and no I don't think I am an idiot..Just had the uhh maybe theres a better way find that the sound from the console is what when the faders are all the way up? fatter? for lack of a better word...on the api I work on there is a mic trim above the faders but there is no way to turn it down. It can only go up so I guess I don't understand how you are cranking the fader and still getting an okay level to pro tools..How hot do you hit pro tools? or with the pad on and the fader all the way do you just take what you get level wise...I am trying to understand cause I would like to try it..Sorry for the meandering post just lots of thoughs as I type. 2 more questions.
first is do you blend different mics for guitar sounds to a buss to tape and if so are you using the mic trims for balance is that more when you are doing a one mic thing. second is you said earlier but that would be the case anyway on those channles..just trying to figure out what you mean...on the API channles cause they run so hot...I defintely find them easy to clip so I am assuming that is what you mean...anyway...Maybe you could try to explain it one more time for me.. thanks for your time. Just trying to get the most out of the console and like a lot of guys these days..I didn't come up under anyone or as an assistant(though I wish I had)so I have always learned by myself through alot of trial and error so its great to get advice from someone I respect....