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Old 12th February 2003
Smart Research

They sent tanks and police to meet my flight at Heathrow. Which was nice. Did anyone mention I'd packed a kalashnikov ?

Anyway, what I wanted to ask first was….

1. Crush. For the C2, I had to combine all variables into the one mode as space allowed. Plus, I could guarantee a result. Following the good response I've had, I'd like to produce a separate unit to explore the full range of possibilities I just touched on in adding this to the C2. So, what do you guys like or dislike about crush, and what are you doing with it !. Can I go even further ?. For instance, the sucking effect it can produce, seemingly delayed and distorted room ambience on drums when really hitting it hard. The introduction of timing parameters to the sidechain would seem a good area to explore this further. Or, are milder settings going to prove more often used if made available?. (The EQ will become variable).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...