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Originally posted by XHipHop
Thanks for the info/links. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any time on an Oram mixer or could point me to any reviews/info about them.

edit: i realize they are based on (or are completely) like some of the trident mixers. how close are they to the tridents and are they worth spending the extra cash for?
Google and other web searches should pull up plenty about Oram. I haven't heard too many positive things about the consoles in general. I can't even think of one that's installed in the NYC area, that should say something. Yes, Oram used to work for Trident back in the day. I also worked at a pizza place but I didn't make the pizza...

Supposedly the 80 Series "reissue" mic pre/EQ sounds like the original but it's way overpriced. Personally I'd rather own a Trident and hey, I do!