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Hello Rochey,

Here is a review about the events from Rip Rowan that might be interesting:
For three years the Event 20/20 bas has been widely praised as a bargain in monitoring excellence. The 20/20 bas includes an 8” polypropylene woofer and a 1” silk dome tweeter driven by a 130 watt bass and 70 watt treble amplifier. The reinforced cabinet is a ported design with a single, large port in the front baffle. The tweeter is flush-mounted with the cabinet, one of the few speakers in our comparison that does not have a treble waveguide.
Rear controls include individual low and high frequency trim controls and a power switch. The controls are fully variable (not switches) and offer boosts and cuts from +3 dB to –3 dB. At first glance I thought, “finally, a continuously variable trim control.” In reality, though, it’s hard to tell exactly where each knob is set, making it difficult to match the two monitors if desired. For our tests we left the knob in its “flat” position.

First impressions are favorable with this speaker. They offer a decent amount of bass, reasonably flat response, good imaging, and clear treble. And they’ll play loud!

More detailed listening did reveal some flaws, however. With certain material the bass response can appear somewhat tubby, sounding a little hollowed-out. The result is that mixes tend to take on a compensatory effect: muddy. I would guess that some 20/20 bas users may struggle with muddy mixes.

Also, after some time in front of the 20/20 bas, I started to notice some listening fatigue. I was unable to alleviate the problem with the speaker’s high-frequency trim control. Tweaking on the console’s midrange control I discovered that a narrow cut near 1500 Hz really helped me listen to the speakers. While it wasn’t immediately obvious that the 20/20s had a “hot” upper midrange, it did eventually become obvious.

In the end, though, I liked the 20/20 bas, given the unit’s particularly low price. In fact you can buy a pair of 20/20 bas speakers for about half the price of most of the other speakers in our comparison. For example I found the sound quality of the 20/20 bas to be more or less comparable in quality to the Yamaha MSP10, and superior to the Roland DS-90, even though this system is considerably less expensive than either of those monitors.

If you are looking for a speaker in this class, and have limited funding, the 20/20 bas may just be your ticket.
I can´t say to be experienced with too many sorts of speakers, but have the Yorkvilles YSM1. They are not that spread like more known brands ( rather seem to be something like a hot tip ), however could be well worth a listening.

It appears to me like they cover the spectrum very well, neutral and detailed ( also in the lows, so that one can make it for a while without a woofer.)

Once listened to them by chance it could be you would find it worth to wait and save up for another 600$ per pair. ( BTW, I am / was on a low budget too. )