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Old 10th February 2003
Smart Research

We'll stay firmly in the area of analogue audio, but expanded now with the addition of David Prinold as chief digital designer (Euphonix CS mix system, Motionworker, SSL's Total Recall etc. etc.).

At the moment I can see ahead to four more analogue products: three more in the field of compression, and also in the pipeline is a universal input amp. Given the continued small mixer requests, and the previous (now 3) units I've done, basic eq units may well be a possibility.

With regard to a full EQ, I need about another year of work before I will be happy. This is something that I've not had the opportunity to do for a while, but I do intend to draw together all the ideas and circuitry I've collected over many years of nosing around audio... ..(it took me several years to finalise the preamp circuitry). I've had many requests though for the 'channel' format, so for instance the eq is the main remaining area of investigation.

Also tested is software (PC/Mac window) control for our future products, and some further ideas for the expansion of ProTools in the area of machine any number of hairbrained ideas such as a largely complete scheme for large format console. But you did say real products....sorry, I digress.

If gearslutz will allow, it would be great to explore some specifice ideas over the next couple of weeks. Give me a couple of days though as I'm now living in a 747 untill back in the UK on wednesday !