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Re: Comp release time guestion

!|¬}KDi]Originally posted by ProFool [/i]
Do you have to adjust the release time of your compressor or limiter to the tempo of the track, like you do with the delay & reverb time?
Or thus it depends on the track?

Just to carry on from Jay, the attack/release settings have nothing to do with the tempo of the track, it's more the "vibe" you are looking for. I've never seen two people set a compressor up the same way and there is no "right" way, .....apart, obviously, from my way .

FWIW, I pump or hover around the pumping threshold quite a lot because I like the vibe of it. I usually find that the less happening in a track there is, the more room you have to use shorter release times to fatten a mix, if you have a busy track with lots of short release compression it soon gets messy. And then, you have every stage in between. Variation of compression settings is a good way to vary the focus on individual instruments in a mix, so you can bring things right up front or sink them to the back without altering the overall level.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try out tempo based settings on attack and release times, but you'd be looking at very small subdivisions of beats, like 64th notes, etc... (just remember your calculator!)