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Originally posted by subspace
nothing really beats the 5532 on all fronts, but there are quite a few better performing chips in certain areas. So it's not as simple as what chip is better than a 5532, it's more what chip is the best compromise of attributes for a given application.
spot on, though I would guess the OP275 would likely be better in spots not driving less than 1k ohms, and improve on all TL072's. The taste testing's the best way to go....(get a Hakko 474 desolder station first!) but I'd check all changed chip outputs liberally with a scope for signs of oscillation....patching/switching/power spikes may all cause it to start, or not till youve changed more than two channels worth, etc etc. so it can be intermittant, frustrating, and not immediately audible.

Seems we have two chip threads going....and theres good chip info appearing on both.....