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Originally Posted by wwittman

It's worked for me with consistently slightly open (that 'rude' hi hat sound) HH as well.

When you play it live, does it sound okay to you?
Are you putting a mic under the towel or on the hat somewhere?

without actually seeing it and hearing it, it's a bit hard to know what to say

DID it help you contain the hat from the other mics?

I suppose I would tend to try to get the right positions for everything where the hat leakage sounded good...
and also, naturally, the right hat cymbals themselves help a lot.

I'm sure Lars has VERY nice cymbals that record really well.
Even before messing around with mic positioning, just while playing live, the hat sounds more like a triangle than anything else...(-:
They way you described it I guess it can only work with the towel arranged like a sort of tent ABOVE the hat whereas in my case the towel is touching both cymbals at their edges and in doing so just prevents them from ringing. This is no problem while playing closed hat - the sound is short anyway, but I like a half open hi hat to ring a little longer than it does damped by a towel...
3rd- For the high hat (which is the real bane of MY exisitence) my trick is to take a large bath towel and drape it over the hat.. so that the centre post of the stand punctures the centre of the towel and it falls evenly over the hats.
Now the drummer simply plays the HH THROUGH the towel... that is, he actually hits the towel.
Sounds perfectly fine (indestructible, damnable things that they are) and yet quieter.
I do Not think that I actually try to do something different here but maybe the towel has to be REALLY large, so that it touches the floor and therefore doesn`t damp the hat as extremely as mine does ?

Just wanted to point out that I get by even if this does not work for me...(-:
Would have been fine, though...