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Didn`t want to leave the impression here that I am not able to keep balance...(-:
I just thought this towel trick might be a good idea for making life easier while mixing.
I mean it all depends on what kind of hi hat/cymbals you use, how reflective the walls are etc. etc.
Somebody said that guitars to sound heavy and loud should be played trough loud and heavy amplification... I guess that is true for rocking drums, too ?
See, when I want the hat to sound like Lars Ulrich is playing then I guess I just can not caress the thing, right ? And I don`t WANT to, either (-;
(Girls just wanna have fun...)

wwittman said in one of his posts that the hat sounds just the same with the towel, only quieter.
Didn`t work out for me so what did I wrong ?
This is the question...