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I'm with you....just forget TLOXX. Noisier, no faster, and unable to drive a wet paper bag. After 20+ odd years, still nothing has quite beaten the 5534 on all factors simultaneously. You can get an improvement in one or two factors, only with losses in others, and my guess is that it's the physics of chip construction, allied to interest from manufacturers to solve problems for more analogue audio sales. You will find lower noise chips, but with lower supply voltages. Higher slew rate chips, but with higher offset etc. etc.

So where too....the main thing to try to improve in the 5534 for me is slew rate. Unless you go wholly discrete, I feel for an opamp solution the OP275 combined with transistor outputs beats the 5534 on several fronts, though noise is still similar, (but better for higher source impedances). Start designing in critical areas like mic preamps though, and you must go to mostly discrete devices to still be in the running...though there is one (only !) opamp you can use to cancel output offsets and allow for dc-servo circuitry that doesnt thump..