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Well some of us actaully paid for Nuendo. I have a funny story about that that I won't share but there are a growing # who prefer Nuendo to Pro tools as its a ,,,,better in a lot of ways one being SOUND. So I understand that what you are saying is that Nuendo users aren't pro therefore why would they buy pro gear, you are generalizing I'm afraid. I have a lot of pro gear. Including Acoustic Science's studio traps and speaker stands, Crane song Hedd, UA 2-610, Martech, Pendulum, Neve, Tubtech, Neuman. I realize that I'm unique but I do not feel the same pressure most do to actually buy Pro tools. Because they "have to". I do understand your comment though. Maybe I will be one of the first to have the quality I have and be running Nuendo? It's sounding scary good in here lately. :>)