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Originally posted by bombguy
I'm also curious to see how they cross-fade between patches. Basically every knob position would have to be a different patch. I'm assuming that all of the phase cues that allow me to sweep an EQ would be gone because they'd have to cross-fade the audio (with delay) in order to prevent audible popping and zippering as you turn knobs.

Erik, I sense some lip well done.

I think "curious" sums up the Sintefex to most who haven't yet heard it. I've heard some truly positive reports about it from Abbey Road, but I haven't yet heard or used it myself.
I'd imagine that both Alan and Erik would view the Sintefex background in different ways, initially, to the rest of us, but for me personally, I'd probably judge it more on it's own merits than compare it against the units that it's targeting. In fact, I don't understand any company/product who put out a unit and give it such an uphill battle straight away, especially when it's trying to cover such a broad range of classics.
If it does do what it's claiming to do well though, it could prove to be a very handy piece to have, but I feel like it could only compliment, not replace, the "usual suspect" units that I know and expect to have in the studio.

To briefly change subject, I was in Rockfield studios recently and had my first encounter with Alan's C1. FWIW, I think it's a great unit, and for obvious reasons, it felt instantly familiar. When I mix on SSL's, I tend to now mix in stems because I like to use the Quad comp differently and separately on drums, vox, guitars, etc.., so I'm going to hire in a few C1's for my next mix!! I may even buy one.