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Originally posted by mdbeh
I've got a Little Labs PCP which I use all the time, for splitting guitars, bass DI, running snare drums through distortion pedals, etc.

It's got enough i/o and functions, though, that I'm sure there are some applications I haven't thought of.

Jonathan, or anyone else who has one, what do you use yours for? What are some oddball uses that I might not have tried?
This may not be very novel, but it is works great:

When I'm mixing, I'll use the PCP as a kind of 'effects loop' for interfacing my guitar pedals with the console. I get down to instrument level through the PCP, and use the built in DI, my Little Labs DI, and my newly acquired IBP (if it is not in use otherwise in the mix) as the 'effects return' to get the signal back up to line level. The polarity switch is a big help, because certain pedals, like the original Sans Amp and the Memory Man, have inverted outputs.

I've never tried it before, but you could actually use the thing to combine mic pre outs or any other kind of line level output sources. You could plug them into the +4 ins, select which input you want to use and route them to the 1/4" output of your choice, and then do what Nick R did above with the NS-10 -- just take a cable and go from the 1/4" out on the front, and then go to the DI input. you'll have a line level combined signal at the DI XLR out...