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Old 5th February 2003
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Here is one of Nick Raskulinez's Kick drum tricks which a lot of people do, but not this way. I don't know why he did it this way in the first place because there is other ways to do it, but he thinks it sounds cool. When I heard it, it definitely sounded better than running it through a line or mic in without the PCP, very Bonham ish. Take an NS-10 cone in front of the kick ( I know you have heard that before) feed that into the PCP XLR A (pins 2 &3) in, select that to the out channel A, feed the output into the instrument input and feed the console with the DI out . You can control the level with the trim adjust. Mix that with a standard mic adding as much of the PCP NS-10 cone to give that serious punch without going flappy.. You can also put the IBP in line (if you have one)with that you can vary the punch.... that part is the Wagener touch.

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