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I think that I understand the difference but maybe the question wasn't very well laid. (my primary language is portuguese so it doesn't help me too)

I'll give you my real example of my problem than you can advise me of what to do.

I have a mix of a Heavy Metal band that is already very compressed to have that big sound, than I apply a L2 to limit more peaks on the mix and get the "average level" louder about 3db, although peaking at the same -0.5db at PT.

Then when I insert the Fatso at the Master Fader I have to turn the Input to about 1.5 so that the pinned led doesn't glow constantly. althought the 0VU led is almost all the time on.

I have also a SPL Tube Vitalizer that when I put on the Master channel it starts clipping if I add something to the signal. I think that all the other compressors I have can handle hotter signals than the Fatso and this SPL Vitalizer.

Since I work with a lot of this type of music, maybe I would better calibrate the 192s to -12db, don't you think?

Or should I limit the peaks and lower the level on the L2 before the insert instead of limiting the peaks and raising the level.

I hope you have the time to try to understand this post

Thanks again