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I don't think you understood the difference between an "average" or "loudness" level and a "peak" level judging by your question. An audio program has both a simultaneous "average" AND "peak" level and those levels are usually gonna be of different values. For example, a drum program that has an "average" level reading around 0VU has typically near instantaneous peaks of 14 dBs or more over its "average" level of 0VU. So if your converters are calibrated so that a level of 0VU reads -14 dBFs on PT's meters, our drum program averaging at 0VU and containing peaks 14 dBs louder than 0VU will read as having peaks at 0dbFs on PT's "peak reading" meters and your converters will be on the verge of clipping.

I would suggest you re-read my previous posts if this is still not clear as I don't know how I could better explain this. (BTW, French is my primary language and not English so that's not helping either...)

Concerning the Fatso, it is capable of a lot of gain so it's normal to have to run it's input very low if you're feeding it a hot signal and you want it to work lightly. (As you would on a mix for example.)