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Thanks Again for taking your time to explain me this well.

Getting to the example again:

Originally posted by groundcontrol

I would first put the compressor inserted across your mixbuss into bypass and check the input level (what you're feeding it) on it's VU meters and try to build my mix so that it normally reads around 0VU to +2 with peaks maybe hitting +3 before compression taking place. Again presuming that once you engage the compression the output level would normally kick back a bit and stays around 0VU. For a typical overcompressed pop mix, the peaks are rarely more than 12 to 14 dBs over the average level before final limiting so this should theoretically work.

So in this case to achieve 0VU to +2 on the compressor before compression and my 192 being calibrated at -14 that would mean that my mix would have peaks of only -14 to -12 right?
Following the example: After beeing compressed it would return at compressor's 0VU. and that would be -14db in PT, right? Isn't that a low final volume for a PT mix?

About the headroom of the compressors:
This all started with the Fatso. I never had any problems with the other compressors.
I read in another post that you have a Fatso. Do you know how much is the headroom of the Fatso? Do you feel it has a small headroom above 0VU?

Thanks again.

If you are getting tired of my questions just say so. I'm a little bit persistent and make a lot of questions until I fully understand and know how people work with it.