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Old 1st February 2003
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That's the best description of this relationship between the front end, the converters and the monitoring, or for the use as inserts, that I've read. Very non-emotional and practical.
I've always had my 888 set at -12 and it's worked fine, now with the 192 I have to settle for -15, it seems.
I've always been a staunch supporter of hot levels, but I've been recording things for a while and know at what levels to record different types of program material. The problems used to be tape compression, crosstalk and print through, while cross talk remains (on the way in and out on multichannel converters, ce n'est pas grave), most of the problems of tape have dissappeared. I guess this would make some more adventurous in the quest for the holy resolution. Live and learn.
I check my alignment about twice a month, I never had to tweak my 888 after the initial alignment, I've only had my 192 for a few months and haven't been working much lately. But it came in a couple of dB hot on the output. It was the first thing I did when it arrived.