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Old 27th January 2003
Originally posted by TML
Can you tell me how durable the unit is? Does it help to collapse the mid-range like a 1073? Does it crunchout like a 1073 when you crank the gain? Have never owned a 1081. Like the concept you get a wide range of eq points with a class A pre...unlike a A/B 1081. can almost get three units for the price of 2 vintage ones..and not have to jerkaround all the time with old parts.

One studio I freelance at has (4 )X73.

He's had them for a year and half and I've never heard of a problem.

I've gone on record on saying that to me it doesn't have the same magic of a real 1073. I know this is a highly subjective statement(that's why I stated to me).

Do I use it?

Heck yeah. Never as a mic pre(to my ears its kinda brittle), but I do use it when tracking keys(also MPC 3000 and 2000). Even though the EQ has extra points, its still kinda limited(hey that's why i own a pair of 1081's and a whole bunch of other EQ's also). It doesn't crunch as solid as the real thing(I know I will catch some flak for some of these statements, but hey its an opinion).

I am one of the guys that likes the A/B sound of the 1081(i use it normally in mixing and its a color that complements the "A" sound of a 1073).

Yeah for the price its actually not bad.

Have i bought one? Nah!!!

If you gave me a board with 64 X73(or better yet X81) I would definitely be hip to that.

Tim anything can be useful, its basically up to you.