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Old 27th January 2003
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sporadic crackling in loudspeakers

Hi all,

I do not think there is a forum for technical questions like this, so I just chose this one as the "least unlikely one", sorry if it doesn't really fit the bill. From time to time my loudspeakers, actually the left one in particular, will crackle. It has nothing to do with distortion while playing, it is this soft but s***** "electrical discharge sound". It happens every 5-10 minutes and it is just one single crackle. It happens when the system is idle with nothing happening or while playing, makes no difference. I am sure you've all heard this, but it is a little difficult to describe, actually it sounds a little bit like a single tiny scratch on a vinyl record would sound. What causes this, and more importantly how can I get rid of it?

Thanks for any info, Bob.