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I did this basically because I was so tired of the crappy way that Cubase handles carryover of outboard patching from project to project. Having 20 dedicated preamp inputs and the rest as dedicated processor I/O or bus outputs for the Cubase cue/control room has made life so much easier. I pretty much keep a Portico 5042 strapped across my mix bus, patch in the outboard (both on input and output channels, as needed) and then supplement this with 4 x UAD-1 cards. I've got 7 outboard digital FX processors patched in using an RME AES 32 card and all of the processors (except for one which is 96k capable) are interfaced with real time SRC so I can use them as send FX with projects at higher sample rates. It's a flawless situation with minimal hassle. Everything is patched in Cubase 4 and the outboard gear just carrys over from project to project. My DAW tracks easily at 32k buffers and dubs plugin heavy mixes easily at 64 k buffers, if needed, so there's just not a lot of jinking around to deal with. A very productive DAW/outboard configuration. I wouldn't mind having a nice board though and I've always admired Mr. Toft's work.

hey definitely not knockin what you are doing. I use Cubase 4 too, but I bought a Mackie Big Knob...yeah that is what they are called, to handle hardwired all my external control room connections. (not for out busses on Cubase. I just use the 16 outs for that.

How about parallel compression.. I guess you would route to a comp and back all on its own. .instead of letting it live on a buss right??? Or use the cards but I like the analogue sound. All preference.

...How do you handle that. THat is why I love the 8 buss and wish I had 16 sometimes, even in my old Mackie days you could run pseudo 24 ..3 groups of eight. I ran an 8 track reel to reel and still had 16 busses left for insert. You just had to make sure you didn't use the inserts until you finished tracking. but....the sound was..sterile....The Toft is molasses warm...
I know what I do is capable on the screen for sure, but it's so much easier for me to reach and plug or turn knobs and slide faders, and the sound is a blessing rather than something I have to manufacture with a plug in. If I don't want the sound then I take a direct out of the channel instead of it sent to the buss on the Toft.
Again... just what ever you are used to. I know people who fly in protools and don't know what the knobs are for on a board.

Glad to see you have it all figured out though and it works for you. By the way I use RME for an interface too.. Good stuff.