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I've thought about this as well. I keep meaning to do some simple loopback tests to convince myself that the repeated A/D D/A conversion is a red herring as far as degradation goes (I have Myteks).
You should be fine with Myteks. I've got a couple of Myteks here but the majority of my AD/DA's are RME ADI 8-DS.

Are you ever tracking through compressors and EQ's after the preamps? If so, how do you handle that? Are you chaining the gear in the analog realm at all?
I used to, but no more. I did some pretty extensive testing before I decided on this and didn't hear any audible artifacts. I often insert outboard compressors or EQ on Cubase input channels when tracking with no issues.

Or are you doing using something like TotalMix to matrix it all together? There's something like a 0.4ms delay by looping through TotalMix if I recall correctly...

All monitoring is done through Cubase. No Totalmix or ASIO direct monitoring at all.