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Old 10th March 2005
Originally Posted by wm_b
Unless they are refurbed Neve's by Averill they are "genuine" neve clones.

Unless you are talking about his 312a or E15 EQ, then they are "genuine" API clones....


Either way I hear his stuff is very good. Actualy the good and bad thing about all the above is they are all GREAT pieces of kit. How the hell can one choose..

I finally decided to go with OSA because there are a bunch of 500 series API modules out there, OSA, BAE, Purple, soon to be Tonelux and well... API. heh

Not to mention that there are a good selection of EQ's and comps available for the 500 frame as well.

Sorry got off topic.

The SCA stuff sure does look mighty tempting though. I have never heard a bad review of any pre they put out and the price is right.