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Thanks a lot, Steve.

Ive been researching SCA for awhile now. Ive read this thread before and its nice to see it updated. I should be making a purchase in a month or two, probably 2 N72's first. I would really like to get them quickly but Im not very skilled in electronics, soldering, etc. Are they really taking as long as 4 weeks to ship built?

My only thought is that it seems like quite a commitment to go with Tim's pres vs. the others, with the chasis for 8 and all(all my eggs in one basket?) Of course Im currently looking at Averill, Vintech, Great River, etc but the idea of eventually having this rack of different flavored pres is very tempting. How do they standup against the others? How would they measure up to an Averill? Averills are real Neves, I think..right? Im thinking this would run about $1249, sound right?

Thanks again.