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Old 23rd January 2003
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Mac G4 Dual 800 Quicksilver fan noise

Hola all-

So now that my innate GearSlut-osity has led me towards better mics and pres, I have the pleasure of hearing how loud my Dual 800 G4 really is The fans just whine away all night long (think oscillating high frequencies and a high mid growl) and can be heard from my living room, let alone through my TLM103 in the same room. The Mac's in a closet, but it's not a completely closed off space (which is probably good since I don't want to overheat the thing), but it's still just too darn noisy for my liking. I'm really craving a low noise floor and it's just not happening like this.

I've found some mods such as:

...and this looks like it might be a way to deal with this, although a little brutal for my taste, but whatever gets the job done I guess.

Anyone used these mods before? Anyone found another solution? And please don't say stick the mac in another room, cause it's not an option...

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.