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I am interfacing 44 AD's and 44 DA's here so that I can do exactly this. I've got 20 outboard preamps intetrfaced with 20 of the AD's. I've got the rest interfaced with outboard processors. I just insert the preamp and/or outboard processors as inputs/channel inserts wherever I want them. No more hassles with patchbays either. Everything is directly patched to it's own AD or AD/DA and all patching is done in the DAW mixer interface.

Yeah I can see that working would just have to look at your outboard verbs as inserts I guess. You can send but you have to receive them too. You are also limiting what input is what pre unless you unplug them when you are done a session. I think a "when you need" approach seems easier for me. I tried the dedicated pre to input thing but it's another step if you are recording minimal tracks that doesn't have to be. Maybe I'm lazy. Then you have to EQ them when they are returned. You have to build a track frame for them at least in the DAW to EQ. . I EQ my returns ...I can't speak for everyone, The screen would be a bit busy maybe on a mix though, (and I have a 32 inch screen). The benefits I could see would be total free automation. I think I would tend to get a little buggy eyed though. but I'm not a kid. I would think with all those ins and outs it's easier to grab and turn or push faders. However having said that if you are more comfortable on the screen why not. I would go insane. I have been using Cubase for 15 years and it would still grieve the crap out of me if I didn't have a board like the ATB32 to control audio. Again my opinion. I am old fashioned but I like to dedicate most of my capable science to my ears and make the other stuff less complicated. I also think that an all path through a glue bath like that on the Toft is a desirable tone and gives a cohesiveness. Or..another way to look at just sounds good. This mush thing though. I think people are trying to have radio ready masters when they mix. That is mastering. I think anyway, that that is half the problem right there. If they had volume knobs on all IPOD head phones, should we be slamming the output of the IPOD at a constant. Why would a board be any different. What the hell happened to dynamics anyway? Ok I better shut the @#$% up now. :-)