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Originally Posted by Dirty Halo View Post
Wow, that IS disrespectful, especially considering the amount of goodwill I've supported you with.

"Ya think!" Huh? You say that as if it is obvious to you... uh, it may be now, but it WASN'T and I can drudge up plenty of threads to support that.

I tried to be constructive with you and was met with this dick sarcasm.tutt

Losing a fan...


Yeah,,,hey we all lived these things and I really want the meter bridge too....but the way I read what Alan said...he is agreeing with you..admitting to fact ...he even made a point to say....not being disrespectful Halo. He could have are so right Halo...but...that sounds plastic. He is a player, music enthusiast like us man. I think he was just being a part of. Nothing my humble opinion.