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Originally Posted by Dirty Halo View Post
Wow, that IS disrespectful, especially considering the amount of goodwill I've supported you with.

"Ya think!" Huh? You say that as if it is obvious to you... uh, it may be now, but it WASN'T and I can drudge up plenty of threads to support that.

I tried to be constructive with you and was met with this dick sarcasm.tutt

Losing a fan...

Andrews, this is "not" disrespectful..That is why I wrote after Ya Think that is is not meant to be so... for me, when someone is making a point, and a good one at that...and I fully agree with it, the expression "Ya Think" is one of humor and total agreement.

I am fully aware of the issues of delay. You and I have been very friendly on the phone and on the threads. My comment was nothing but agreement, and not sarcastic in any manner.

Words typed do not carry the connotation they do when spoke...which was why I clarified that is was not meant to be disrespectful... I am sure many here have heard that comment being said as agreement...Harvey understood. So please, do not take it the wrong way...