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Old 22nd January 2003
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you can assign the filters and eq to the side chain of the compressor or gate or leave it in the signal path, it also has an exciter which I've found useful on kik (tracking) When I had these I used them on kik and snare tracking (Neve 1066, no eq) with an infinity slope compression sending the low filter to the compression side chain and using the other filter and the PEQ to balance the signal and the exciter to bring them thru the mix. other guys would ask how I got that sound, which was not hyped it was just really there, I pointed at the box. Maybe it was just my thing? It's useful if you want to spend time with it. It has no headroom and the threshold control doesn't go high enough (same thing?), I wish someone would make a version with +30dB headroom and I would get a pair in a heartbeat.