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Hey Alan,

If I may throw my two cents into the mix for new console design...

1. Have dual line inputs on each channel: one for mic pre outputs and the second for DAW D/A outputs.

2. Please have two separate sets of fullly balanced inserts (separate send and return) that are switchable from the console. Allow the aux sends to be configured pre or post insert #2. Have the direct channel output be located post insert #2, but configurable to be pre-fader as well so that the faders could be used to create the control room mix independent of what is being sent to the DAW. The thought here is that insert #1 would be wired upto a patchbay that has compressors and EQ's in it. Then insert #2 would be wired upto an analog tape deck (some of us use them still!). So you could create a monitor mix via the aux sends that includes the outboard gear in the rack, but not the tape deck. Why? Because the output of the tape deck is being sent to the DAW's A/D and it has a delay from record to repro head. In other words I want to send the tape repro output to the DAW for capture, but monitor the tape deck input. The DAW is configured to automatically align the tape deck tracks with the direct-to-disk tracks. I think more of us would be using our tape decks if our consoles were set up to allow them to be incorporated into the modern world of DAW's.

Feel free to contact me offline if you'd like more input. I can supply signal flow diagrams about what I am talking about.

thanks for listening,