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We have no plans to re-release the Firepod anytime this year.

Actually, the Firestudio Project is basically a Firepod with every gripe that we had from customers addressed.

Here's a quick comparison of the two:

1. Better analog to digital conversion (the Firepod had 106dB of dynamic range; the FS Project has 114dB)
2. Better fit and finish - no wiggly pots, no firewire jacks sticking out
3. Power button on the front panel (can somebody give me an Amen!)
4. Better metering (the Firepod had only a clip indicator; the FS Project has a 3 segment LED to let you know sooner that you are approaching clipping)
5. More phantom power switches (the Firepod had only 2; the FS project has four)
6. Better software bundle (we constantly try to get better at this with every new product)
7. A DSP Mixer that allows you to send multiple stereo monitor mixes to different musicians (the Firepod only had one mono no latency mix that everybody has to share)

The only feature that the Firepod has that the Project doesn't is daisy chaining. And we are hoping to release a new beta driver within the next month that will allow you to daisy chain up to 4 Projects together.

Hope this helps.

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